International “Music and Sciences” Symposium

April 17th-19th, 2019


Music, musiki, musica, mousike... The inspirational endeavors of the Muses; the grandchildren of Kronos – the time - and the daughters of Mnemosyne – the memoryYet the endavours are not only of poetry and song, but span all the intellectual activities ranging from tragedy and dance to history, and astronomy. For some people, a poetic activity of creating the “new”, for others, an “unfolding” of what is hidden, though always present. For some, it is “movement”, for some, it is “tranquility”, and for some, the one and only tool that can bring together the opposites to a common ground and harmoniously blend them: shortly, music. The constant guide, the true companion and the joyful accompanist of our quests for physical, cognitional, social and ontological inquiries. Perhaps, the exact state of this quest itself...

Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music State Conservatory, Musicology Department invites you to the “Music and Sciences” symposium. The symposium will take place during April 17th-19th, 2019 at Istanbul Technical University Maçka Mustafa Kemal Concert Hall and is open to oral and poster presentations (in Turkish or English), and will also include a panel discussion, concert and various workshops. The accepted presentations to the symposium will be published as “Music and Sciences” symposium proceedings.


Keynote Speakers
- Dr. Thomas Cristensen (University of Chicago) 
- Dr. Ian Cross (University of Cambridge)